Welcome to Hysham Public Schools,

As individuals drive off the interstate highway to enter Hysham, they will see a friendly little town welcoming visitors to a hidden treasure in Montana. We, the Hysham Public School, are excited and proud to be part of this hidden treasure.

The staff and school board welcome all to visit and attend our school. We look forward to the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year with anticipation and enthusiasm. In the world of technological advances, we strive to make the appropriate changes and are committed to the basics which will always remain in education. The school year will commence August 20, 2018.

Our 4-Day Week Friday schedule of activities is currently being created and updated and we will keep you informed of new developments. Professional development for teachers and programming for student academic success is our main objective as we develop our Friday schedule.

The Hysham FFA program will continue to shine and our sports programs will remain in a cooperative with Custer Public School.

If you have any questions, please call me at 342-5237 or stop by the school. Great things are happening for students, staff, families and the community at Hysham Public School District, where teachers are teaching and students are learning!

Melanie Ferguson, Superintendent

Hysham Public Schools     

   PO Box 272 /115 Summit St.         

Hysham, MT 59038            

phone (406) 342-5237       fax (406) 342-5257