Friday School Activities


*January 12th-Making Healthy Food Possible-Students will learn to make healthy food decisions and how to make various smoothies.

*January 19th-Wonder Movie- Students will be bussed or driven by parents to the Roxy Theatre in Forsyth for a special showing of the movie Wonder. This will wrap up a book club session the 4th & 5th grades did.

*January 26th-Alberta Bair Theatre-Students will be bussed to Billings to enjoy the play titled My Father’s Dragon. The beloved Newbery Honor book about a resourceful boy named Elmer comes delightfully to life in this charming tale about compassion, courage and friendship. Join Elmer as he sets off on a daring adventure to rescue a baby dragon who’s being held captive by the ferocious animals of Wild Island. Note: We will attend the 12:30pm showing and buses will run later to get students to the school in time to leave for Billings.